Dealing with Severe Dandruff

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Dealing with Severe Dandruff

In case you are suffering from severe dandruff, then you will certainly want to seek out the best treatment. Dealing with dandruff is not as hard as it may seem. Today, you can treat it using the anti yeast shampoos that are widely available even for those who do not have prescriptions. You can grab one of these shampoos from your local pharmacy.

These shampoos are effective because they have different ingredients that will work to heal your scalp. These ingredients include coal tar, salicylic acid and antifungal properties. Most of them are actually pleasant to wash your head with. Recent developments especially with shampoos that contain zinc pyrithione have made them especially effective. You only need to apply them on a daily basis till you get the condition under control. After that, you can use them once to thrice a week depending on how you need them.

The shampoos that work effectively against severe dandruff include those for the head and shoulders. These are the antifungal shampoos. You can also use the same shampoos for selsun and nizoral. Then salicylic acid can be used for sebcur and coal tar for T- Gel.

Those who have severe dandruff will discover the rash between their eyebrows, on the sides of their noses and around and in the ears. Some will also develop right at the center of your chest or on the upper back. Finally, you can also find severe dandruff on skin surfaces especially those that oppose such as under the breasts or armpits.

There are also a number of risk factors that are commonly associated with severe dandruff. These include neurological conditions like Perkinsonism and after strokes. HIV- AIDS is another where with AIDS, the condition will be more inflamed and extensive. Antipsychotic drugs are the other risk factor you need to watch out for.

However, you should not confuse severe dandruff with such conditions of the skin as facial rosacea, erythrasma, intertrigo, atopic dermatitis and scalp psoriasis. To be totally sure that you are suffering from the dandruff, you should consult your personal physician for a proper diagnosis.

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After the diagnosis, you should for ways and means by which you can get a proper treatment for the dandruff. As we have seen in preceding paragraphs, most people will rely on anti yeast shampoos to treat this condition. This is by applying it on the scalp when you are in the shower. Ensure that the later is rubbed on to your face and the chest for about half a minute to one minute before you wash it off. In case you notice that there is no improvement in the condition, you should consult your physician. Pills or creams will then be prescribed.

The recommended treatments for dandruff include ketoconazole pills or creams, hydrocortisone cream, zinc pyrithione shampoo or ointments made lithium succinate that has 15 percent of propylene glycol with water. In case the severe dandruff persists, then you may be forced to use flucinonide gels, pimecrolimus cream or even solutions of betamethasone valerate

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